Apologize for Apologize, Apologize!

Not loving the bookclub December assignment of Apologize, Apologize!. I had read half before Christmas then set it down for my really enjoyable Christmas reads. I have picked it up again and was 1 page from a dramatic/tragic change in the story, but still not sure I’m loving the read.

Now, the books I have LOVED during my break are: The Room. Loved it; remarkable voice of the young boy. Also loved both memoirs by Catherine Gildiner: Too Close to the Falls, and After the Falls. I enjoyed Too Close¬† more than the second memoir as it was a lovely young girl’s voice compared to the teenage/college age of the second memoir, but I still enjoyed both because writing style is so beautiful in both. Highly recommend both.


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October bookclub reads

I am just finishing The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. What a beautiful read, with rich lovely, yet real characters. I love how Aibleen loves her little white babies. I love how Minny just can’t “yes ma’am” but has to speak her fiesty mind. I appreciate the complexity of Skeeter’s relationships with friends she wishes to keep but can’t tolerate their views.

As a parent educator, I teach the importance of our interactions with our young children and each time Aibleen attempts to build up poor little Mae Mobley’s fragile self esteem I want to applaud her, and use this story as an example in my workshops.

When the author makes reference to certain historical events, I am slammed back to the reality that this is only one generation ago – 40 years. These horrific attitudes were alive and well when I was born. I plan to pass this book on to my daughter who has been reading many slave/underground railroad era books to show how the changes for better attitudes have been very gradual.

So, again I ask: “What are you reading?”


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Hello world!

The Blog… my university drama professor described one of my performances as “a sinking bog” – here’s hoping this blog will not be reflective of that. A blog-bog!

I love to read and would like to discuss books with other avid readers, especially those from my bookclubs – but all comments are welcome. So…

What are you reading now?

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